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The Property Investing FastTrack Day
Tickets Are Now LIVE!!
Be quick… Seats are limited and we can’t accept everyone!

Saturday 2nd November 2019 | London, UK

Event Timings: 9.15am Registration, 5pm Finish
The Property Investing FastTrack Day Is
Hosted By The Amazing...
Paul Preston
Paul Preston Has Been Around The Block.
As a Guinness World Record Holder and Industry Award Winning Speaker He Is An Expert When It Comes To Property.

Over the Last 5 Years, Paul has helped Thousands Of People Just Like YOU Achieve Freedom Through Property

And The Best Thing? Paul Teaches A Method That Allows Them To Do This WITHOUT Using Their Own Money!
The Property Investing FastTrack Day
Here’s A Preview Of What You Will Discover:
ZERO Deposit Required!
It’s a sad fact that people don’t realize you can get houses WITHOUT needing a mortgage, a deposit or any large cash payments. It sounds too good to be true, but let me show you EXACTLY how you can join thousands of my students doing just this!
Generate Huge Profits
The most common myth I hear is that you only make money when you sell… and it’s just NOT true! Using my techniques an investor makes money when they BUY! I will show you how to make a minimum of £1,000 PROFIT from each house you buy just by following a few simple tips and tricks!
Where To Find The 'Hidden Gems'
It’s a sad fact that people don’t realize you can get houses WITHOUT needing a mortgage, a deposit or any large cash payments. It sounds too good to be true, but let me show you EXACTLY how you can join thousands of my students doing just this!
Learn EXACTLY What To Say
So you’ve found the property - now what do you say to the landlord, agent or
seller? THIS is the biggest hurdle people face and the biggest deal breaker.
Let me tell you EXACTLY what to say to secure these deals!
Why Now?
You’ve probably heard from Dave down the pub that it’s not the right time to invest in property. But let’s be honest… what does he know? Join myself and thousands of my students who are investing and let me show
Lessons From A Billionaire
Want to be a Millionaire? Then you need to start thinking like a Billionaire.
At this event, I will be sharing some tips that Sir Richard Branson himself
shared with me on our one-to-one sessions!
Look At What Our Students Are Saying!
Session #1 - The Secret To Your First Property Deal
Imagine You Could:
  • Get a Property without the need for a mortgage and deposit
  • Generate £1,000 Per Month Profit From Each House
  • Know EXACTLY Where The Best Deals Were Hiding 
  • Had So Many Deals Coming In You Have To Start Giving Them Away To Friends And Family...
This first session is going to show you exactly how to do all of that, and more.
I’ll share with you my secrets to earning £1,000 per month on each deal without any experience and, most importantly, without using any of your own money!If you’re looking at property as a real investment (Which you should do) then this first session is going to give you the perfect ‘low risk’ strategy you need!
Session #2 - How to EXPLODE Your Portfolio
In The Next 12 Months:
  • Grow Your Property Business To Amazing Heights
  • How To Do It With ZERO Experience
  • Systemise Your Business So It's Hands-Free
  • Build Up A Passive Income
After learning how to secure these properties with zero money down,
the second session will teach you how to go from ‘Part Time Investor
’ to Full Time in just 12 months.
If you're looking to become completely Financially Free and take charge of your
Financial Future this session will show you the steps you need to take to
leave your job in the next 12 months like the countless students
we have taught so far.
Here’s Your Mentor:
Paul Preston has a business with over 100 units worth multiple millions of pounds. By leveraging what he teaches, he now has the ability to spend his time teaching while his business grows passively.

In the time it’s taken to build his empire, he has created the perfect environment and structure to teach exactly what he has done and has built asuccessful community of like-minded investors all there to help and support each other.

Paul has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, including sharing his story in front of thousands of people at The National Achievers Congress in 2016. He really is the top
of his field and his students get AMAZING results.

In fact, Paul even won “UK Speaker of the Year” for the second year running - something that had never been achieved before.

He also made it a double for the night receiving the Prized 'Product Showcase Of The Year' for his impeccable work with his Elite Mentorship Programme.  

So that’s your mentor - are you ready to get started?
Why You MUST Come To The
FastTrack Day!
Do You Stay Awake At Night KNOWING That You Deserve More Than You Have?
Knowing That You Have The Work Ethic And Drive To Make A Difference...
The truth is - you’re not alone. Millions of people across the country have the exact same thoughts
I was in the exact same shoes just 5 years ago.
Cleaning toilets on just £6/hour it’s fair to say my life was the epitome of ‘average’
And I get that.
And now? Just 5 years later I am  a Millionaire Property Investor, Property Mentor, and Award Winning Global Speaker.
If you had told me that just 5 years ago, I would have thought you were CRAZY and on drugs - But now? I know that my system works and I have helped thousands of my students escape from dead-end, low paying jobs and achieve freedom.
And you might be able to relate to that at the moment as well... that your dreams are just too far away. Almost, out of reach.
But let me take you back Another 5 years.
I was a self made millionaire, owning my own recruitment company which employed over a dozen staff, having my dream Porsche, having the nice holidays and all the 'stuff' that I thought was important.
Enter the recession.
I lost everything.
Not just the business and my money, but everything.
My pride, my confidence, my self-respect... everything.
Now, don’t misunderstand. There is nothing wrong with
cleaning toilets, it’s an important and physically tough job… but it just wasn’t me.

I KNEW there was more to my life, I knew I was destined for more.I was average and feeling sorry for myself. And I don’t now about you… but feeling sorry and blaming everyone else didn’t get me very far…
… so I had a choice.
… a big one.

In fact, it’s the same choice I want to ask you to make right here and now.
You need to make the choice...
Do you want to settle and be ‘average’, living a life that is just OK? Or do you want to be extraordinary living life on YOUR terms?

If you want to settle - that’s fine. It’s your choice after all, but I can promise you from experience, you’ll always have a small niggling voice in the back of your head saying… “What if” When you’re old and grey, you’ll look back and think… “what if” But by then, it’ll be too late - are you willing to take that risk or are you ready to become extraordinary and live the life youk now you deserve!

The choice you make today could set you on a path that will make you PROUD to look back. A commitment to yourself and your loved ones that you won’t settle for
second best and you ARE ready to become extraordinary.

In just 12 months time you could be sat on a beach, with a nice cold cocktail in your  hand while your property empire runs on it’s own… all because you made the right
choice and came and listened to what I had to say.

To know that in 12 months time you can be sat on a beach, the warm ocean lapping at your feet with a cocktail in your hand knowing that you have a Property Business that runs on autopilot giving you this lifestyle.
If you are in, then you are ALL IN!
Unfortunately, there is no room for half measures here
This will be hard work, this will take time, this is NOT get rich quick, this IS Get Rich forever... and I WILL help you get there.
Together, we will conquer your very own property empire…
… but I need you to make the first step, because I can not do it for you.
Make the decision to change everything now.
Life can be whatever you want it to be, the only question I have for you is are you ready to take action and start to build the life you want and the life you deserve?
What have you got to lose?
A LOT less than what you have to gain from this!
So.... Are You Coming To The Property Investing FastTrack Day?
Event Details
Millenium Gloucester Hotel, London
Date - Saturday 2nd November 2019

Registration - 9.15am
Finish Time - 5pm

  • What Is The Property Investing FastTrack Day?
    The Date For This Property Investing FastTrack Day is Saturday 2nd November 2019
  • Why Is This Event Free?
    That's a great question! This event is free because I have a mission to change as many lives as I can in my time on this planet. I am also looking for new people to work with on my Mentorship Programme and Advanced education events, and this is a great chance for you to see how I can help you before you commit.
  • Will My Ticket Be Sent To Me?
    Your ticket will be emailed to you closer to the event. We don't send out physical tickets. All you need to do is print it off or bring it with you on your smart phone and/ or tablet.
  • Is This Event Right For Me?
    Do you want a better life for you and your loved ones? If you answered YES to that, then this event is a MUST for you.... See you there ;)
  • I Can't Make The Date?
    Busy? Make yourself free! Watching the football? Watch the highlights! Getting Married? Get married on the Sunday! :)
    Whatever you need to do, make sure you're here. I cannot stress how life-changing these strategies are. They took me from a toilet cleaner on £6p/hour to a Property Millionaire in less than 5 years! Exactly, imagine what you can do!
    Make it happen.

BIG Announcement:  The Property Investing FastTrack Day Tickets Are Now LIVE!